STS is led by a group of executives and managers dedicated to creating value for our customers. This is accomplished by providing high quality, value-added professional services in an efficient and affordable manner.

The STS Management team consists of a globally distributed, diverse group of highly experienced individuals with expertise in many technical disciplines, across numerous vertical markets, spanning all six continents. The team of executives also includes the original founders of STS. Our executive team is well positioned by virtue of experience, technical expertise, and training to manage the continued growth of the company.

Business Unit Vice Presidents report directly to the CEO, as do European theater and AsiaPac operations directors. Canadian, Indian, African and South American operations report into the business units. This flat structure provides for a tightly integrated international team. Each executive team member brings a unique business perspective to STS and oversees the management of resources and quality customer care as we expand further into the global marketplace.

STS management is dedicated to the success and growth of every employee of the company. Our people provide a serious competitive advantage to STS and to our customers. Our goal is to guarantee the success of your company in partnering with STS. Client success is our bottom line. For individual biographies on our executive management team, please send us an email request to