Only STS partners with customers and delivers localized multichannel service desk solutions that are flexible, scalable and cost effective

STS provides custom-tailored service desk solutions that are designed to meet the needs of larger enterprise organizations and mid/small tier innovative corporations. We offer cost efficiencies based on decades of experience and proven best practices. We maintain your competitive advantage by developing innovative processes and procedures that enable us to scale and provide flexibility that deliver immediate success in the most cost effective manner.

Unique to STS, and key to the delivery of these services, is our strategy on technology development and employee training. We hire career-minded IT professionals, and maintain their growth and training over the long term, across various projects, and with a vast array of technologies. This results in a global workforce committed to providing the absolute best service to each ticket opened.

With the combination of the best technologies, a global foot print, and committed team members, only STS can provide:
  • Flexible labor models that cost-effectively expand and contract as needed

  • A global team of trained IT professionals that will scale rapidly and integrate quickly into ongoing projects

  • National and worldwide support on a localized level ensuring the customer satisfaction

  • Dedicated Engineering resources

  • Overall cost-efficiency without the usual waste associated with new employee training and development

Types of services delivered through STS Service Desks

High/low touch delivery of services with a variety of complexity mixes and blends. Support at Tier 1, 2, and 3 levels domains:
  • Desktop hardware, application and OS support
  • Mobility solutions services and support
  • Carrier and vendor management
  • Network and Extranet infrastructure
  • Unified Voice and video communications
  • Software application development and support
  • Alpha and lab services
  • Project implementation support

Service Desk Delivery Models

Managed Services

  • Teams deployed on client site, utilize Client’s infrastructure, management platforms, and are typically integrated into Client’s overall service management and delivery model
  • Price/Costs are case based and/or labor based with performance incentives/penalties


  • Teams deployed within STS facilities, utilize STS infrastructure, adopt client management platforms or utilize STS platforms
  • Price/Costs are case based and/or labor based with performance incentives/penalties


  • Client based teams or individual contributors + peak flex/time of day coverage
  • Variable pricing models including staffing, per case, per shift and fixed fee

STS Care Desk

  • On Call Engineer call logging and dispatch
  • STS personnel, STS infrastructure and management platforms
  • Contract and entitlement management